Biker Kidz for Christ is a "Children's Teaching Ministry" for boys and girls up to twelve years of age. They receive a monthly newsletter based on
stories from the Bible. PeaceMakers strives at giving children Biblical Truths not story book fantasy. After each lesson they are given a crossword
puzzle or word search based on the lesson they've read. to challenge their knowledge of the text.
Every edition also has a Proverb lesson called "Solomon's Wisdom". It teaches children what God expects from them in their daily living. We
encourage the children to take Jesus to school with them and not be afraid or ashamed to share Him with their friends. We encourage them in their
prayer lives by praying for family members, friends, teachers, and classmates and the different ways to communicate with God.
The Ministry encourages their attendance at Church, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Camp. Each edition includes the Savation Prayer in
which an invitation is given and they are encouraged to bring their friends to faith in Jesus.

PeaceMakers Mission Statement:
Biker Kidz for Christ is a child's Ministry berthed by PeaceMakers, committed to the mission of teaching the true word of God from the Holy Bible,
raising up bold and zealous children of faith, and bringing all little children of this generation, to belief in their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
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