PeaceMakers ' finds it very alarming that the majority of our young people today know little or nothing about God and His Word and rarely, if
ever, attend church. Those who have been brought to church at a young age have not been encouraged in a personal relationship with Jesus
Christ. They are casting God aside as "the God of their parents" and leaving the church in droves. They see Him as a hinderance to living life on
their terms. They want to have fun, be crazy, and then maybe they'll come bac k.

By their very attitudes, one can hear and see they have never experienced an intimate relationship with their Lord. They are incapable of
discerning the times and recognizing..."their timing is not God's timing". Being prepared for Jesus' return is not for just the older generation.
And if they continue in this mind set....this generation with not meet their Lord.

Many do not know God created them, and sent His Son to die for their sins. Unless God moves in a mighty way among our youth this indeed will

PeaceMakers' berthed "Teen Voice" for the ages 13 to 18 years of age. Teen Voice is a teaching Ministry that introduces our Teens to their Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ. They receive a monthly newsletter that introduces to them real life men, women and teenagers of the Bible. We discuss
issues facing teens and what God's Word teaches in the solution to those issues.

PeaceMakers Mission Statement for Teen Voice: We are committed to the mission of giving the teenagers of this generation a choice through
hearing the true word of God; to stand firm in faith, in truth, and in boldness against the false prophets and false doctrines of this world. This
Ministry is committed to raising up a generation that can win the world for Christ.
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Is your teen ready to
meet his Lord?