"Son of Man prophesy to the mountains of
Israel and say..O mountains of Israel, hear
the word of the Lord". Ezekiel 36:1
Abraham was in the Mountains of Israel when God promised him the land for his descendants. Genesis 13:17.
"arise, walk in the Land for I give it to you". This land included all of Israel today, all thats being fought over
and much more. Genesis 15:18, "to your descendants I have given this Land, from the river of Egypt to the
great river, the River Euphrates.

One of the most disputed areas in Israel, is Hebron. Hebron which was given to Caleb as a inheritance by
Joshua after entering the Promised Land. Hebron where Abrahams' altar is. Hebron where Abraham, Rachel
and Leah are buried. Hebron where God sent David after making him King. David ruled there seven years.
Thirty-five hundred years of history. Today Hebron is inhabited by 80% Palestinians and 20% Jews. There are
around twelve hundred Jews residing in Hebron and weathering much contesting and controversy.

You will find that the Mountains of Israel and the "so called" West Bank are closely identical. The West Bank is
Judea and Samaria. What is located in the disputed West Bank? Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Bethany, Hebron, Ai,
Bethel, Shilo, and Shechem ~ God's land.
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