From Genesis to Revelations the Bible gives us countless prophesies of revival and occasions of revivals for individuals, cities,
and nations. As we study the Word, we see that revival emerges to those who have abandoned their first love, those who have
grown spiritually cold, those who have embraced lovingly the earthly and temporal, those who have become powerless in their
faith and those who have lost sight of what is heavenly and eternal. Throughout Biblical History, God has stimulated revival
within His people. He has heard the cries of desperation, of loss, of hopelessness. He has watched them stumbling in darkness,
struggling against their self-made bondages, speaking with double minds and straddling the fence between God and Satan. He
listens to the murmuring, complaining and the ungratefulness. He sees the pride, the greed, the ignorance, the selfishness, the
need to be god in their own lives. He watches their works bringing death into their lives. He sees the vileness, the hatred, the
indifference, the violence in the treatment of each other. From the Garden of Eden to present day He has been regarded with
rebellion, disobedience, denial and rejection and still He yields to their cries of pain, such love cannot be found in this world.
The very essence of the manifestation of God comes through revival to His people. We must break the Silence! The spirit of revival
was present and working in the life of John the Baptist. He was successfully paving the way for the Messiah by proclaiming His
coming continually with his voice. Although John was only one man. He caused revival to spread throughout the land and
eventually throughout the earth. Even out in the wilderness, he was infecting others with the spirit of revival! So much so that
priests and rulers sent messengers to question who he was. John was effective! He realized the power that lay in his tongue; the
power of the God who stood behind His words. He realized that his voice alone could break the silence. His voice could stir up
revival in the people and cause them to break from the land of captivity.

Pray for revival! We must make straight the way.......JESUS IS COMING SOON!
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