Where ever in the world you may be......we welcome you to contact PeaceMakers International Motorcycle Ministries. If you need prayer ~ If you need a
healing in your body ~ if you need to hear the Word ~ If you want to hear more about PeaceMakers ~ If you want to be on our mailing list ~ If you
want PeaceMakers to speak at your event ~ If you want PeaceMakers to lead a Motorcycle Rally ~ whatever your need, we're here.

We can be contacted through our email, We can be contacted by telephone, 918-978-2811. Or by the postal service, 3720 South
Knoxville Ave, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135.

If your contact us to invite PeaceMakers to an event or rally, expect the following response. We will take all your information and then take it into
prayer. If your invitation is in God's Will and Timing, it will be our privilege to accept. But if God's Timing for our attendance is not in His Timing
for this season, we will invite you to contact us later. When our presence is in His Timing, miracles will flow, and His anointing will bring "Revival
Fire" and that is our foremost desire for all of you.
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