Thad and Sue Stracner
To International Evangelistic Ministry
Since 2001, Evangelist Thad and Sue Stracner
have obediently followed God's vision for
PeaceMakers International Motorcycle
Ministries. Together they have brought the Truth
of the Gospel to the lost of this dying world. Their
Ministry is homed in Tulsa, Oklahoma and
Jerusalem, Israel. The Stracners' follow wherever
God leads them reaching into Hell pulling God's
children home.
Prophetically called as a child, Thad has been prepared by God for such a time as this all his life. This "last days" Ministry is anointed
with privilege to walk in the "end days". Having tarried in full commitment to God's call upon his life, in 2001, God said "Now" or the
door will shut. Thad obediently stepped into God's Will and God's Timing trusting Him for all God envisioned for this Ministry. Thad
had walked in a powerful healing anointing most all his life and had been mightily used by God in several seasons of his life. This
time was different, this time Thad committed for life, as we believe our calls are eternal, and once received there are no retirements
or time outs, it is until the day we're called home and beyond.
Sue was called by God as an adult woman having come from a family who did not know God. She was saved as a young woman and
lived knowing of God but not living for God. During a season of deliverance, healing and restoration, God called her into Evangelistic
Ministry and she walks in a deliverance anointing.
At the time of their callings, they laid down their careers and all personal possessions in preparation for God's season of "Holy Ghost"
firing and molding. They surrendered all and gave God His way in their lives. In accordance with Acts 2:45, " and they sold their
possessions (both their landed property and their movable goods) and distributed the price among all, according as any had need".
These seasoned Evangelist, know no limits in the distance they will go for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They walk in strict
obedience to God's Will as He alone is the Master of their lives and their Ministry. Words can not express the privilege they feel in
serving God in His "Blood Covenant Ministry".
PeaceMakers International Motorcycle Ministries is a heavily anointed "last days" Ministry called to bring revival and to usher in the
harvest from the greatest movement of God the world has ever witnessed.
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